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White Barn Farmstand 

Farmstand in the Barn!

 Friday*: 10am - 6pm

Saturday & Sunday: 10am - 4pm

 Jordan Brothers Seafood - Friday: 2pm - 6pm

AND Sat 10am to 2pm


Last Day in the Barn is Saturday, December 23rd

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We offer two Community Supported Agriculture options:

You can always sign up for a Farmstand CSA Card or reload your card

(after May 1st we still give you a 5% bonus for cards $200 or more)

 Boxed CSA or Farmstand CSA Card


White Barn Farm is a small vegetable farm and farmstand in Wrentham, Massachusetts.  The farmers are dedicated to using organic farming methods and believe in the importance of growing food for their community. They hope to inspire the locals to eat in season and take the extra moments to prepare wonderful meals for the people they love using ingredients grown with care. 

Christy started the farm in 2008 and was soon joined by her husband-to-be, Chris, in 2009.  They have been growing the farm and cultivating community ever since!