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Earthfest 2018

Posted 4/19/2018 8:38pm by christy kantlehner.
First of all. shameless self promotion: 
EarthFest 2018: April 22nd, 12-4 @ White Barn Farm
This week's blog/email by Farmer Chris
with edits and notes by Farmerwife, Christy:

howdy folks

The first Earthday was celebrated april 22nd 1970.  Earthday was created by the growing environmental movement that saw a need to bring awareness to some of the major environmental issues that were hindering mother nature.  Many of those  same issues are still at the forefront of the struggle to take care of our habitat even as my generation becomes "adults" and parents.  Lifestyle, participation, conversation, humility, altruistic thought, and technology can all be in the equation for saving Mother Earth.  

My first semester of college I took and environmental ethics class with John Jensen.  This was my introduction to the depth of impact humans have on their environment.  Imagine humans and benefit to humans not being at the root of every decision made. At times it could be a pretty depressing class, with its doomsday outlook.  I said to myself "there must be a way to change our environment for the future".  I found Organic Farming. That same semester I was taking fundamentals of organic agriculture with Philip Ackerman Liest, and my life trajectory changed, for the positive.  The way for change, in my mind, was was growing healthy, local, sustainable food for my neighbors.   That was close to 17 years ago, and i have been playing in the soil ever since.  What are you going to do to help change our environment for the future?  Start with the power of your own consumerism. There is power in conscious consuming - why else would Walmart carry organic food?

Make your vote. COME TO EARTHFEST!!! Come celebrate, participate, converse, and revel in all that mother nature can contribute to our lives.  We have some amazing stewards of the earth representing themselves, sharing the details of their process, and offering the products of their labor. These types of producers entering the real economy ARE the change for the future.


VENDOR LINEUP as of Thursday, April 19th:

White Barn Farm (host)-

to Eat: Arugula, Mustard Greens, Spinach, Baby Kale, Pea tendrils, French Breakfast Radish,

to Grow: Plants, Seeds, Soil, Vermont Compost, Neptune's Harvest Fish Fertilizer

Treehouse Farms-petting zoo featuring Chuck the Goat

Becky Sheerin- FacePainting extraordinaire

Common Acre Farm- Meet the farmer who grows all those fantastic micro greens for you all.

Hyphen Designs - Kelsey the up cycled cloth seamstress

Harms Family Farm - The sweetest people we know, try this liquid gold for yourself, Massachusetts Maple Syrup, that is!

 Marty Pearson- WOOD FIRED PIZZA
If you were at our winter market celebration you remember this pizza! If you weren't - come on down this Sunday to taste the best PIE around!

Crystal Springs Farm- At 2pm, Farmer Sam Billings will treat you all to a demonstration of how to inoculate a log with Shiitake mushroom mycelium. He will also be on hand selling logs already inoculated and ready to go into your home mushroom garden!

Fairmount Fruit Farm- CJ has been providing us with those delicious Honeycrisp apples all winter long. Meet the man behind your fruit!

Franklin Honey Company - Go right to source, they are the bees knees! Come and say hi to Roger Trahan, his daughter Lauren (who makes those wonderful soaps), and the bees that could help you stay allergy free all season long. They will be giving a talk about Beekeeping Basics at 3pm.

The Compost Plant -  Jay from The Compost Plant team will be leading a Compost Tea workshop at 1 pm and giving out free compost tea. BYOJ....bring your own jug. Rhody Gold bags for sale as well.

Pamela Ruby Russell - A farmstand patron and friend since the beginning, she will be bring her photographs for sale. This woman embodies the sun, moon, and the stars with her artistry.

Bellicchis Best Biscotti - These little morsels will brighten up everyones day.

Wrentham Technology Class POSTER WINNERS- Wrentham Elementary Technology teacher, Mrs. Moon, of Dancing with the Stars/Awesome 6th grade teacher/married to the much adored PE teacher, Mr. Moon, fame - gave her students a White Barn Farm EarthFest assignment. Mrs. Moon's classes have been working hard to put together a poster that represents EARTHFEST and White Barn Farm.  The contest winner and runners up will be revealed and on display at the EarthFest!

More Pictures and Details regarding EarthFest are also on our website; check out the complete details and rundown to this celebration here: 

EarthFest 2018

It's not too late to sign up for Weekly CSA Shares,  Farmstand CSA Cards,

AND . . . the FLOWER CSA!!!

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2018 CSA Sign Up  - Spring Share Deadline is coming soon! Get your payments in by May 4th. Reserve your Share by "buying" your share on our online market. The spring share is only $100 for 5 weeks of the much needed first vibrant fresh foods of the 2018 growing season! First pick up is scheduled to be May 11th. Pack your own share at the Friday Farmstand, 10-6. Pray for sunshine, warmth, gentle winds, no pests, the perfect amount of rainfall and record-setting yields and sales! more details

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If anyone wants to support the farm but has more time or skills than money or just can't help but help! We would love for volunteers to materialize to help with:

Wheelbarrow Fixing with a side of Cart Tire Repair.

Donation of an old Shed so we can keep our tools closer to where we use them.

Donation of an old refrigerator or freezer - not working is fine. We just want an insulated box to keep our seeds in.

Mulch Mob volunteers. Email to get your name on our panic list!

Revealing the Strawberry Plants (push back the straw that was protecting them all winter)

Whitewashing some homemade signs 

might as well ask?

Yours Truly,

Chris, Christy, and Graham