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Neptune's Harvest

Posted 5/11/2018 4:23pm by jen gousie.

Hi Everyone!

Reserve your Mother's Day planter now! Order now and pick up Saturday or Sunday at the tent. Each 12” oval planter with have a Munstead lavender, started from seed right here at White Barn Farm, Helen Mount violas and Crystal Purple alyssum. Only $15! Click here to place your order.

These Munstead Lavender seedlings are perennial and already in their second year. Plant it in a perennial garden bed once the planter has run its course and the lavender should establish beautifully. The Helen Mount violas, sometimes known as Johnny Jump-ups, are purple with a yellow dot. They are very cold hardy, may give a second bloom this fall, and will reseed themselves easily.

The Crystal Purple alyssum are fabulous for beneficial insect habitat, have a delightful sweet fragrance, and are a nectar source for pollinators. 

All are grown in certified organic compost-based Fort Vee potting soil from Vermont Compost. And fed only certified organic Neptune's Harvest fish and seaweed emulsion.

Order today and pick up Saturday or Sunday at the Tent! Only $15 

We are open both Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 4.

And while you are there, take home some of our other goodies for mom. Maybe mom would like breakfast in bed; we have local eggs and maple syrup for pancakes! Or bring home some Pat's Pastured meats for an afternoon of grilling!