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Equinox Announcements

Posted 9/16/2010 10:04pm by Christy and Chris Kantlehner.
Hello Farm Friends!

  • Just as we got you all trained on the hours at our farmstand, the northern hemisphere begins to tilt away from the sun . . the Autumnal Equinox is Wednesday, September 22. Day and Night are equal, and thereafter the nights are longer! What I'm trying to say is that it is beginning to get dark before 7 o'clock.

The Hours of the Roadside Stand will be curtailed on Tuesdays and Fridays:

The stand will still open at 3pm, but we will close at sunset.

CSA Members, this is true for your pick-up hours as well.

Saturday Hours will be the same as always, 10am to 2pm.

We plan on being open until the last week in October. Then we will have one more sale just before Thanksgiving. Stay tuned!


  • For all you local veggie junkies, check out what our farmer friends are doing: 

Shared Harvest CSA: Locally Grown Vegetables for Winter Eating



Shared Harvest Winter CSA, a partnership among several small farms, provides locally-grown vegetables for the winter months. Monthly distributions of vegetables take place at Busa Farm in Lexington and at the Bradley Estate in Canton. Two and three month shares are available. What's in the winter share? Apples, dried beans, all kinds of greens, parsnips and 'taters, garlic and leeks and so much more. You will find complete details at www.SharedHarvestCSA.com , including reviews from past shareholders and a subscription form. Contact GrettaAnderson@earthlink.net or 781.507.6602 for additional information.


  •  And a reminder to reserve your Thanksgiving Turkey from Brambly Farm:

The O'Harte family of Norfolk raises Bourbon Reds, Royal palms, Bronze Turkeys, all listed Heritage breeds. They also raise Traditional Broad Breasted Whites. They are fed all natural grains and are pasture raised. The Royal Palms are a small type breed and its unusual for them to grow bigger than 14 lbs but they do taste truly delicious. The Bourbon Reds and Bronze can range between 12 - 24lbs and are regarded by many as the best way to give a big family a very special Thanksgiving . 


Traditional Broad Breasted Whites usually are between 18-32 lbs. Once in a while there are a few "Extra Large Giant Turkeys" that just forget to stop eating and these can weigh  over 32 lbs.
small heritage turkeys 8  / 14 lbs : $65 each 
Medium heritage turkeys   15 / 24 lbs : $80 each
large traditional turkeys  25 / 32 lbs : $95 each
If available "E L G Ts"  over 32 lbs :    $110 each
They will be available on the Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving for pick up. 
If you would like to reserve a turkey please mail your $25 deposit check, made to Brambly Farm, to:
Brambly Farm
84 Cleveland St
Norfolk, MA 02056
Please include the following information: Your name, phone number, email address, and preference of birds (breed and preferred size). Sooner is better for best selection . . . 

The fresh (not frozen) Turkeys will be available for pick-up the Monday and Tuesday just before Thanksgiving (Nov. 22 &23) here at White Barn Farm. We will send a notice with more details about the pick-up to all who have sent a deposit (really, don't forget your email address!).

  • Enjoy the beautiful quality of light that the autumn days bring us! and make sure to celebrate this week's Full Harvest Moon with some tasty eats!!!

Thank you, as always, for your kind support.
Chris and Christy at
White Barn Farm