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First Spring Share is Today!

Posted 5/11/2018 10:09am by Christy and Chris Kantlehner.

Hey! Hey! Hey! First Pick up is Today!

Did you know you signed up for a CSA share at the most extreme ultimate (add redundant expressions of superlatives here) last-minute-announcement-farm around. I'd love to use the excuse that I was violently ill since Monday afternoon, admitted to Sturdy Hospital until yesterday at 4pm, and just back in action . . . And actually the hospital part is true, but I did have my laptop and cell phone with me and was basically operating a mini WBF command center out of 313 Balfour at Sturdy. I just wanted to make sure we had the complete list of CSA members before we did anything drastic like remind them that their first share is today, Friday, MAY 11th!

So. Diabetes is difficult. the little plastic tube part of the port that I move every 3 days was bent, so zero insulin was delivered to me from late Saturday night until the IV hookup Tuesday afternoon. Guess I should keep tabs on more things than just moisture levels of seedling trays, what quality of pallets I can scrounge up to place more seedling trays on, treading the lunatic fringe/warpath/mania fenceline trying to get our farmstand/farm off to a more organized/ standard operating procedures kinda start this year. blah, blah, blah. Where is my blood glucose meter? eeeeek. Not trying to play the sympathy card. I am absolutely 100% better. Just on a learning journey here. learning. being humbled by the limitations of reality and time and the responsibility I have to myself and my loved ones to actually be a little more astute in the self-care department.

well, enough about me!!

You can park at the farmstand (the big white tent opposite 458 South St.)

Bring a box or grocery bag or beautiful basket or milk crate or whatever to carry away your share. Please don't panic if you forget - we have reused bags and boxes for you to use if needed. We just like to keep the REUSE part of reduce, reuse, recycle at the forefront. repurpose is my other fave. Go Etsy! Go Pinterest!

The share options will be listed on the CSA Chalkboard. The cashier will also have a checklist to go through with you as you "check out" The cashier will check off your name (and our secret evil plan is that maybe they will even learn all y'all's names!)

To be clear: Collect your share according to the CSA Chalkboard. Finalize your share pick-up by giving your name to the cashier and having her make sure you got everything on the checklist in front of her.

Here's what we expect to be available. Some items may run out before others, so I suppose earlier is better for the absolute most choice. I am probably going to add a bunch more edible plants to the selection as well. But let's be honest, I have got to get off the computer and onto the farm!!!

Your Choice of one bag of greens:

  • kale - tender baby leaves that could convince kale haters that it is pretty good when young and sautéed with garlic and olive oil. (maybe mixed in w/ some eggs or a grain salad or white beans?)
  • bok choy - loose cut tender, baby bok choy. super deluxe.
  • spinach - New Spinach! in the same way July brings new potatoes! After a long winter of eating stored potatoes and fighting back the eyes, you get a tender little nugget of heaven whose skin practically rubs off when you wash it. I'm getting ahead of myself. Anyone who frequented our online winter market experienced the all winter spinach that we pick again and again and really is welcome and sweet and great. But when you see these tender little leaves - the first picking from our first spring planting of spinach - you'll see. NEW spinach!
  • salanova (fancy head lettuce that falls apart into nice little single leaves - an absolutely ideal salad mix base. of course the most limited. but don't worry - more's coming next week!)

Your choice of  2 edible plants. Salad greens can be cut right out of the 6-pack to embellish your choice of greens. Herbs can be snipped right above their growth point to encourage another harvest. Use the stubs to start a little patio garden or tuck into your organic garden beds.

Choose between 2" pots of 

  • Basil
  • Nasturtium (edible leaves and flowers, peppery radish taste and VERY cheerful personality)
  • probably more choices

or mini 6-packs of:

  • dill
  • cilantro
  • lettuce mix
  • head lettuce mix
  • kale mix
  • probably others

Now that we are all zooming around in our red convertibles with the tops down, hair blowing in the breeze, sunglasses on, only flip-flops for footwear, we may have forgotten what an unusually cold, late spring we've been having. BUT . . .  crops got seeded about a week later than usual and into soil much colder than normal and that means . . . slow growth. And not in that measured, responsible, financial portfolio kind of way. In the way that makes farmers do a little dance like they are waiting in line for the bathroom at an overcrowded concert.

What is my point? well. We are going to supplement some White Barn Farm grown produce with a choice of some collaborator grown food. And the best part? It is protein! Mushrooms or Dry Beans.

  • one pint of Fat Moon Mushrooms or
  • a bag of dry beans grown at Baer's Best in E. Berwick, ME by the fabulous farm couple, Maggie and Rob, who are so gracefully transitioning into farming old Charlie Baer's farm, even as he partially retires and maintains his presence and expertise at the farm.

A little bag of pea tendrils. Fresh pea flavor. rinse, dry, throw on a cutting board and coarsely chop. Add to pasta carbonara, mac&cheese, parmesan risotto, a sandwich, or a salad. Make a little pesto for a yummy accompaniment to slices of baguette w/ goat cheese, etc.

And one big, huge, ugly, smelly Daikon Radish just because they are an incredible storage vegetable. and It is something you can sink your teeth into (not a salad green). I recommend all the fancy Japanese fashioned slicing and dicing devices. The Benriner mandolin is the best! Anyway - sliced thin, shredded on a box grater, spiralized, julienned is the best way to enjoy this veggie. Peel away the unbecoming exterior and enjoy the crispy white center! Imagine life before the modern food storage and transportation system. This Daikon is still hard a rock and just barely beginning to sprout in May!!!! That there is survivor food. In a really, really, boring, drawn-out version of survivor without silly contests and social drama.

If you signed up for the CSA but just dropped your check in the mail or did not pay yet, JUST COME PICK UP AND GIVE THE CASHIER YOUR NAME! You can either give us your check right then or tell us check's in the mail :)