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Plant Sale Weekend!!

Posted 5/19/2017 12:59pm by Christy and Chris Kantlehner.
Hey there everyone! 
We're gearing up for an amazing weekend at the farm - the weather looks fantastic AND it's the 9th Annual Plant Sale Weekend
It's been a busy week getting ready and the seedlings have all been basking in this newfound sun and warm weather. With all of the cooler temperatures this spring, they were off to a slow start, but now that the heat has kicked up, they are starting to take off! 
There are some pretty exciting things in store for this weekend including some upbeat live music, vendors that you won't want to miss, AND new additions to the plant sale! Check them out!
Because we are big fans of listening to music while we farm, garden, work or shop, we've got a great live band that will be performing: 
Saturday and Sunday: 10:30 - 2:30 p.m.
Perfect for all events and all ages! Performing Calypso, Reggae, Bossa, Motown, Jazz and other popular styles.
We offer island favorites including vocal tunes by Jimmy Buffet, Bob Marley, and Harry Belafonte, Caribbean steel drum instrumentals like Guantanamera, Yellow Bird, and The Lion Sleeps Tonight, as well as classic songs from artists like Van Morrison, James Taylor, The Beatles, Sting, and Paul Simon, to name a few. The group includes Wrentham residents Bill and Cindy
Jones (Piano and Vocals), KP Percussion Instructor, Ryan Loud (Steel Drums, Vibes, Percussion) and Foxboro resident, Steve Gaudreau (Saxophone).
White Barn Farmstand: Saturday and Sunday: 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. 
​Our farmstand will be set up during the plant sale, so don't worry, you can stock up on all your fresh produce, meat and dry goods needs before or after shopping for your plants. Here's what's on the list for harvesting this week: 
  • Bags of spinach, mustard greens and arugula
  • Spring mix and microgreens
  • Butterhead lettuce
  • Radishes
  • Scallions
  • Cilantro
We'll also have these fabulous (and local!) products available at the farmstand as well:
  • Local Farm Eggs: supplied by Birchwold Farm (across from Joe's Rock down West St.) ($6.25/dozen)
  • Frozen Ground Beef and Chicken legs and thighs from Pat's Pastured in East Greenwich, RI. We will have Pat's eggs from pastured birds fed non-GMO grain, too ($5.25/dozen)
  • Frozen Pork - a variety of cuts - from pastured heritage breed pigs raised by the famous Floyd at Burnshirt Valley Farm in Barre, MA
  • Sheldonville Roasters Coffee Beans
  • Franklin Honey
  • Dry Beans from Baer's Best of East Berwick, Maine.
  • Harms Family Farm Maple Syrup from Colrain, MA. 
  • White Barn Farm Pint Glasses, gift cards
  • High Mowing Organic Seeds - carrots, beans, cilantro, etc.
  • Iggy's Bread baked daily and delivered fresh in the morning from their bakery in Cambridge, MA. Plus sticky buns and croissants!
  • Dried Organic Cranberries from Fairland Farm
  • Narragansett Creamery Mozzarella Balls, Sea Salty Feta, and Atwells Gold Cheese
  • Goat Cheese from Beltane Farm in Lebanon, CT - Chèvre
  • Non-GMO Canola and Sunflower Oils - cold pressed by Full Sun Company in Middlebury, VT - from non-GMO seeds grown on family farms. Their website includes some great salad dressing recipes!
The freshest, best quality seafood around!
Saturday and Sunday: 10am - 2 pm
Saturday: 10am - 2 pm
Truly Local Raw Honey and Wonderful Bee Products
Their lip balm and hand cream are divine. I treat my farming hands and feet with the hand cream before bed and always keep a couple lip balms and soaps on hand for gifts (and me!).
They use no chemicals in their beekeeping and have several hives here at our farm!
Lizanne Handmade Pottery and Sandy Smith Pottery
Saturday: 10am - 2pm
Gorgeous handmade pottery by these two local artisans. An incredible gift (or maybe just a special treat for yourself.) :) 
WMR Woodworking
Brother Will is trekking up from his homeland of New Jersey and will display his beautifully crafted wooden cutting boards, utensils, and more at our farmstand.
If this busy working family can rearrange their schedule - Beautiful and Whimsical Clothing Handmade by Kelsey with all sorts of repurposed materials and lots of creativity! Handmade Jewelry made by her husband, Devon.

Delicious Baked Goods for a Great Cause! 
4Paws Animal Shelter Bakesale: Saturday 10am to 2pm
SWISH Bake Sale on Sunday
SWISH stands for Students With Illnesses Score Help. "SWISH began 12 years ago as the brainchild of many Wrentham Elementary staff members. They saw that there was a need in the community to help students and their families out during difficult times. They understood that there were families in the Wrentham community who were going through traumatic spells that needed a little bit of sunshine in their lives. Over these past 10 years, SWISH has provided dinners, tutoring, gas cards, camp scholarships and more for these families. If there is a family in need, SWISH has been there to help."
And now, the part of the email you've all scrolled down to read!....
Saturday AND Sunday, May 20 and 21 from 10-4 each day. 
We grow all of our plants from seed*, seeded by hand in our greenhouse into Organic Vermont Compost Potting Soil and fed only with Neptune's Harvest Organic Fish & Seafood Fertilizer
{both items, plus Organic Vermont Compost potting soil, compost and compost plus are for sale, too}
We pot up all those little seedlings by hand
and haul them across the road for the big event.
*the only exception is that we bought perennial herb plugs from certified organic nurseries: Hillcrest Nursery (the extra cost involved means these are the one category of 4" pots that are $4.50, not $3.00)
***New this year!!! Strawberry Planters for sale!***
We have strawberry plants and will be selling them in groups of five plants in low-maintenance hanging planters. 
These plants are everbearing, so they will produce all summer long! Delicious organic strawberries on your front patio, back patio, whereever you decide to hang your planter - can't get any better than that! 
Price for the strawberry planters is: $25/hanging planter
Side note: If you look to the right of the plant sale, you'll see our freshly planted strawberry patch! We are hoping to have pick-your-own strawberries next year! 
For your gardening needs...
Did we mention High Mowing Organic Seeds? :) 
It is a great time to plant carrots, beans, cilantro from seed! So grab some and add an extra row to your garden! 
Organic Vermont Compost potting soil, compost, and compost plus. 
* We suggest grabbing a bag of manure compost or compost plus and using it when you plant your seedlings to enrich the soil a bit. Just put a handful or two in the hole that you dig to plant your seedlings. 

Neptune's Harvest organic Fish & Seaweed Fertilizer 
*This is a great organic food for your plants! A small bottle goes a long way (since you dilute it when you use). So grab some for those tomatoes, new strawberries, peppers, anything you are planting at home this year! 
Tips For A Great Plant Sale
Don't come early - you'll see a bunch of people running around like crazy. 10 a.m. is the start time - that's when we open. 
Cash and checks make the line move faster. Credit and debit are also accepted. Sorry, you can't use your Farmstand CSA Debit Card for Plants at the Plant Sale. You may use it for anything at the farmstand, though. 
Bring a box if you can - We will have some extras available, but if you've got one hanging around your garage, please bring it along to put your seedlings in. 
Pack an extra dose of patience in case things get crazy. Get your zen on in the morning and bring your best smile. Just think how exciting it is that so many people are showing up to buy organically, locally grown seedlings to grow in their gardens! 
Please enter, exit, and park with care. Chris' dad, Rich, and my Uncle David have a tradition of directing the parking of cars. We still haven't gotten them their requested WBF Parking Crew shirts that say, "Don't Run Me Ovah!" on the back, so just pretend they are wearing them. Maybe it will happen next year! 
Remember - Sunday is a GREAT day to shop for plants, too! If you aren't looking for a specific variety of vegetable or flower that we may only have a small amount of, Sunday is a great choice to come to the plant sale. You might even be able to stroll around it a few times before making decisions. AND Chris and Christy may be breathing on the regular again and will likely be available to answer questions, too! 
$3 for 4inch pots (almost all the tomatoes are in those)
$3 for mini-6packs (12 of these fit in a flat, as opposed to large 6-packs, only 8 per flat)
$5 for large 6-packs 
$5 for 4-packs
*perennial herbs that we grew from organic plugs we bought in are $4.50 in a 4" pot
The deal with splitting packs:
We are happy to split large 6-packs and 4-packs in half for you 
in half only, please (don't cut 6's into thirds or 4's into singles) 
You must ask one of our assistants to cut it with scissors and label the remaining half for you.
Helpers will be wearing aprons containing scissors, a sharpie, and blank labels. The price of a half pack is $2.50
If a cell is empty, you will not be charged for it.
The per cell price to subtract if there is one missing: 
mini 6-pack: 50 cents
regular 6-pack: $1
(okay math whizzes, I know it's not exact, but .83 is not a good number to deal with)
4-pack: $1.25
***Take note of which items are of limited quantity by perusing our Plant Sale Inventory and have a second choice on deck. Particularly if you send your husband with a list!!!
AND...Keep in mind that Wrentham's Sohoanno Garden Club is holding their annual Plant Sale this weekend - Saturday from 9-12 in the center of Wrentham. They have all sorts of perennial plants from divisions and a super cool fairy garden exhibit this year! Stop on by and grab some plants. 
**Located in the parking lot in Wrentham Town Center across from the Congregational Church at the intersection of 140 and 1A. 

Pass this info along to all of your gardening friends, or better yet, bring your non-gardening friends along - it's never too late to grow your own! We can't wait to hear all about the amazing backyard gardening adventures that these seedlings go on. Make sure to share with us throughout the season!  
THANK YOU for your commitment to buying local and all of the support you give us! 
Oh yeah! And don't forget, we'll be open on Memorial Day Weekend (Saturday and Sunday) as well, so any seedlings we have left will be for sale then, too. Our season is just beginning and we have so many new things in store for 2017 - pots of amazing edibles and flowers galore, some new varieties, so get ready! This is just the beginning!
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