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Time to Commit to Good Food! CSA Sign-Ups are Open!

Posted 1/17/2017 10:18pm by Christy and Chris Kantlehner.

Bongiorno CSA Family!!!

It's time to sign up for the 2017 CSA programs at White Barn Farm.

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Let's fund the White Barn Farm bank account - located at the humble Wrentham Co-Op Bank, by the way. No DAPL funding financial institutions for these farmers!

We need to purchase our seeds, potting soil, compost and other sources of fertility; packaging; irrigation, row cover and other field supplies; and hire and pay farm crew far in advance of the first big sales that will result from the fruits of all this labor and the required materials! Plus - this is our ambitious dream stage of the season in which we envision new implements, labor-saving devices, building improvements, complete farm organization, on-farm workshops, cutting edge soil building farming practices and more! Keep the dream alive! Get involved in Community Supported Agriculture!

 CSA Share

CSA = Community Supported Agriculture. you put your faith in your farmers by paying them at the beginning of the year and in return, receive a share of the harvest during the growing season.  

We have two CSA Options at White Barn: Farmstand CSA Card or Boxed CSA

  • Please note the changes to our Boxed CSA scheme this year! Read all about it on our website:  Boxed CSA Details  
  • To sign up, fill out the Boxed CSA Sign Up Form and we will email you an invoice according to your selections.
  • Please Note: If you choose the Four Season Bundle, you are responsible for completing the Farmstand CSA Card Sign-Up Form and mailing the check for that on your own. (To cover your Summer Share portion)
  • If you want to sign up for a Farmstand CSA Card or reload your card, fill out the online form, send your check, then we will fund your card and mail it to you (if you don't already have one). Get details and read the FAQ's.
  • Pay before May 1st to get the full 10% bonus cash added to your Farmstand Card!