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White Barn Farm in the barn . . .

Posted 11/27/2018 1:42pm by christy kantlehner.

Back to Reality! Hope everyone enjoyed some holiday cheer last week! Upward and onward!!

We are open this Thursday, 11/29, 10am to 6pm in addition to our regularly scheduled hours:

Friday 10am to 6pm
Saturday & Sunday 10am to 4pm
thru Dec. 23rd

Jordan Brothers Seafood Truck is back this week (and thru December 22nd)! Fridays 2-6, Saturdays 10-2

3rd Fall CSA Pick-up is this Friday 11/30.

We are selling festive wreaths at the farmstand! AND we're offering Wreath Decorating Workshops with Laurene Hulbig - Dec 1&2, 8&9


Upcoming Holiday Craft Market - Saturday December 8th, 10-2.  in the big white barn! Get a truly cool handmade treasure purchased directly from the person who made it! 

Farmstand CSA Cards! Get your 10% bonus now! We normally wait until the first of the year to start encouraging you to reload or purchase Farmstand CSA cards (the debit type card option), but if we can raise enough money to put our potting soil order in by December 20th, we get a discount! Why not extend that to you? $200 minimum. Funds do not expire. Cash or check only. Sign up online so we have a reference when we receive your check and can attach your info when we issue your card. If you are reloading, we just need your name or the last 4 digits on your card and we can do it remotely!

MERCH! Farmer Chris Hats are back in stock! $20 but you'll look like a million!  As always, our White Barn Farm pint glasses are $6 each or 2 for $10. The samples of our White Barn Farm onesies, made with organic cotton, will be available to ogle, along with a few samples of Toddler Tees! Pre-order yours to be picked up at the farm after December 15th. (Hats and Pint Glasses are already fully in stock)

What's Cooking?

*celery root celery root gratin

*onions - aromatherapy for the home 

*garlic roasted garlic

*kale kale, creamy polenta, and a fried egg

*cabbage Tassajara Warm Red Cabbage Salad

We have salad greens for you to enjoy! Do not overlook thin ribbons of Napa Cabbage, Purple Napa, Red Cabbage, and Sugarloaf Radicchio for salad base enhancement! Sweet and Crunchy baby head lettuce and the lovely Salanova Lettuce Mix will be available this week!

If anyone is suffering Caesar Salad withdrawal with the Romaine Recall - look to Oberlin restaurant in Providence for inspiration. One of their signature dishes is the Kohlrabi Caesar! This is not fake news sponsored by the Kohlrabi Koalition, really! Shave Parmesan and Kohlrabi thin, thin, add freshly made Caesar dressing and you're in heaven! 

Thanks for your support, everyone! Pass this along to anyone who might find joy in good ingredients!