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Posted 2/8/2018 8:30am by Christy and Chris Kantlehner.

Hello Everybody! Better late than never  . . . ?

Virtual Winter Market is still happening this week! Order Now!

Your farmers are back from lovely Puerto Rico. We could not have had a better time. We really got to see a lot of different parts of the island, try lots of food and drinks, swim in warm ocean water, snorkel off a boat over a coral reef, jump into lots of swimming pools, swim under a waterfall in a cool river, and even in the bioluminescent bay, where plankton light up like fireflies all around you as you swim at night! We certainly saw signs of the devastation of the hurricane and much of the center of the island is still without power, but all of the coastal tourist areas are up and running and you should absolutely not hesitate to visit this unbelievably gorgeous country. We encountered outrageously nice people - like out of their way kind. As we walked home from a fabulous dinner (& the best margarita i've ever tasted) at a Mexican place in San Juan, we got caught in a flash rainstorm. Chris had Graham on his shoulders and as we approached a stop sign, a woman pulled up, rolled down her passenger window and passed us an umbrella, "for the little boy," she shouted. Imagine! 



We managed to get an order in from Farm Fresh Rhode Island's "Market Mobile" so we have a fresh supply of Mi Tierra organic corn tortillas, organic dried cranberries, crimini mushrooms, some new cheese selections from Narragansett Creamery (little ciliegine mozzarella balls, the 1.5# tin of ricotta, and a whipped feta/kalamata olive spread), and Beltane Farm goat cheese - plain wasn't available but they did have the Herbs de Provence version, which is excellent as well. 

The happy hens over at Treehouse Farms in Millis and at Birchwold Farm in Wrentham continue to respond to the increased day length with an outpouring of fabulous farm fresh eggs! This is seriously a good winter food. You could make some really nice fresh pasta with these beautiful eggs. Pair that with Narragansett's ricotta and you could have a fun Sunday ravioli or lasagna making session! Our fresh spinach would be perfect in ravioli fillings!


White Barn Farm Beets and Carrots are still in abundance! We've got a new batch of certified organic potatoes from Sparrow Arc farm in all different varieties. We'll be harvesting more pea tendrils this afternoon and Mike at Mike's Micros has added Arugula salad and Sunflower shoots to his offerings this week. Make sure to get your green in this week! Farmer Sam is bringing another batch of his gourmet oyster mushrooms. It is just going to be a symphony of great food this week!

Pre-orders may be placed up until 7am on Friday. If you don't get a pre-order in, feel free to stop in during pick-up hours (12pm to 6pm Fridays) in the right side of the barn. We should have plenty of extra produce, provisions, and meat from the freezer for you to select from. Jordan Brothers Seafood Truck will be there 2pm to 6pm, too! Tell your friends to come check us out!

The email from Jordan Brothers Seafood this week was as follows:

Email to place a pre-order

Sea Scallops? 1/2lb 11.00

Atlantic Salmon 8/9oz 9.00

Haddock fillet 13/14oz 15.00

Pollock fillet 14/15oz 10.00

Hake fillet 10/12oz 10.00

Monkfish fillet 10/12oz 12.00

Cooked Shrimp 1/2lb 10.00

Frozen Raw Shrimp (peeled & deveined) 26/30ct 3lb bag 48.00

Native Crabmeat 1/2lb 17.00

Frozen Minced Clams 1lb 6.00

Stuffed Clams 5oz 2.00ea

PEI Mussels 2lb 6.00

Littleneck Clams 1doz 7.00

Oysters 1/2doz 7.00

Clam Chowder 20oz 7.00

Shrimp & Corn Chowder 20oz 7.00

Lobster Bisque 20oz 7.00

Crab Bisque 20oz 7.00

Greysole ??? 8/9oz 12.00

Posted 1/30/2018 1:18pm by christy kantlehner.

TIME TO ORDER! Follow this link: Virtual Winter Market

NEW this week:

Farmer Sam's mixed oyster mushrooms. Plainville, MA

Treehouse Farms eggs. Millis, MA

AND if you didn't see them last Friday- Birchwold Farm eggs are in the mix!

BACK IN STOCK: Pat's Pastured Ground Beef. E. Greenwich, RI

Sheldonville Roasters Coffee Beans are also back in stock: Breakfast Blend, French Roast, Organic Kenya

GREEN AND LIVELY: spinach and pea tendrils from right here at White Barn Farm, Mike's Micros - tasty, nutrient dense, little power food micro greens grown by the exacting hands of Mike in Mansfield at Common Acre Farm.

DELICIOUS RAW*: carrots, daikon radish, kohlrabi, watermelon radish, red cabbage, green cabbage, and depending on your taste buds, beets.

Anyone got a spiralizer? a julienne peeler? a box grater? Mad Knife Skillz?

* note that all of these are ALSO great roasted or in a stir fry 


 #Don't judge a book by its cover #Just Peel It #Yummy but not Pretty

Personal Note:

You will not believe where I am writing from. Puerto Rico. Everyone's first question is whether we are traveling for fun or to help with the recovery effort. I answer with no small amount of shame - we are going for vacation. Although in choosing this island we were thinking that this would be the place to spend tourist dollars.

I asked Graham whether I should include some pictures or if that would make our customers mad (i.e. envious because it is presently snowing in Wrentham). He said, "no, i think they will like it." If it makes anyone feel better it has been completely cloudy so far and we are still as white as albino whales, and possibly just as blubbery. I guess I should speak for myself on that last note!

Well. After several tries, I can't get pictures from my phone onto this complimentary hotel computer. You will have to imagine: Graham running wildly upon seeing a vast hillside of grass at El Morro, the very old fortress in Old San Juan, palm trees battered to bits yet with tiny chartreuse fresh growth showing both the brutality and resilience of nature, lush green mountains, then yellow grassy hills, fierce ocean waves, anywhere America shops but on the CVS it says "24 horas", solid looking blue FEMA tarps tied down in a grid functioning as roofs on an unimaginable majority of homes in some neighborhoods, hummingbirds appropriately feeding at birds of paradise flowers, open air restaurants, colorful rows of buildings, friendly smiles and words from every Puerto Rican we meet, traffic light intersections with de facto four-way stop rules flowing surprisingly smoothly, stray calico cats hunting, green parrots of some sort chasing each other around alleyways, boarded up buildings, endless signs of clean-up and restoration work, freshly fixed up places. We are enjoying our trip so much so far and we've hardly been here more than 24 hours and if you must know, Graham woke up puking in the bed with us, so we are still awaiting some sweet restfulness. 

pictures added to the blog after first sending to the mailing list:

Important Note! The show must go on. Mike Lawyer, who you may have met the last two weeks at Friday pick-up, will be receiving all of you who have pre-ordered or just decide to swing in and see what's available. He has been our right hand man for all of 2017. He is the one who meticulously direct seeded most crops, can do all of the tractor work, harvests, washes, and packs with speed and the eye for quality only a chef could have. Please treat him well! White Barn Farm is not known for being free from technical difficulty, though we tried to school him on all contingency plans, if needed.

Thank you for ordering on our Online Market!! This is keeping a little cash flow going to keep the heat at 30 in the greenhouse and the electricity running our walk-in and freezers, greenhouse ventilation, heat mats, and whatnot!


Posted 1/23/2018 3:13pm by Christy and Chris Kantlehner.

Howdy folks!

It's a rainy day here at the farm.  Christy and I are inside looking back at all our records from last year.  You all did a great job supporting us, we sold thousands of pounds of fresh vegetables to our neighbors through our little farmstand.  Thank you for choosing to shop here!

Did you know you can place an order anytime Sunday through Friday morning?  Then pick up your order at the farm on Friday, 12-6.

So whether you are at work, watching your kids, cruising through facebook or instagram, our produce is at your fingertips.  And the best part  is we pack it all for you. 

We have some great Items available this week.  Check it out

Place an Online Order Now!

Time to Roast Beets for a delicious side or salad topping!

and Ginger Carrot Soup is Calling your Name! - give it a little more body by adding a sweet potato or white potato.

This is becoming a really great way to connect with all of you in the off season, so please spread the word.

Follow us on facebook and instagram for farm updates

Facebook: White Barn Farm

Instagram: @whitebarnfarmers

Please know that your financial support at this time of year gives us the ability to provide fresh produce for you during the growing season. If it works for you, please sign up for our CSA program.

Info:  2018 CSA Shares

Reserve Your Spot: 2018 CSA Sign Up

Finally, as always our good friend Bobby Jordan will will be manning the seafood truck on Friday from 2-6.  Here is his list of items you can pre order. 

Sea Scallops?   1/2lb   11.00  
Atlantic Salmon   8/9oz   9.00   
Haddock fillet   13/14oz   15.00
Pollock fillet   14/15oz   10.00  
Hake fillet   10/12oz   10.00  
Monkfish fillet   10/12oz   12.00
Cooked Shrimp   1/2lb   10.00  
Native Crabmeat?   1/2lb   17.00  
Stuffed Clams   5oz   2.00ea
Live Lobsters   1.25lb ea   17.00ea  
Fresh Lobster Meat   1/2lb   34.00  
Frozen Lobster Meat   2lb bag   70.00
PEI Mussels   2lb   6.00  
Littleneck Clams   1doz   7.00  
Oysters   1/2doz   7.00
Clam Chowder   20oz   7.00  
Lobster Bisque   20oz   7.00  
Shrimp & Corn Chowder   20oz   7.00
Crab Bisque   20oz   7.00  
Greysole???   8/9oz   12.00  
Swordfish???   10/12oz   14.00
Product availability and pricing subject to change
Shellfish not available in Boston
Please order by 5:00AM the day of the venue
Please order by 5:00AM Friday for Saturday venues
see you all next week
chris and christy




Posted 1/17/2018 11:13am by Christy and Chris Kantlehner.

Hello 2017 CSA Members!

If you would like to renew your membership in our CSA for 2018, reserve your spot on our online CSA "store"

There are changes this year, of course!

We are no longer boxing any shares, but we will be making our crop plan to provide our CSA Members with a predetermined share every week from May 11 through December 14.

We are offering a 5 week Spring Share, 20 week Summer Share, and 4 biweekly pick-up (8 week) Fall Share. Read more on the website.

You will pack your own share, according to signage, right at the farmstand. 

The Summer Share pick-ups are Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday - Sign up for the day you would like to pick up. You can come during the whole farmstand hours timespan: 10am to 6pm, on your chosen day.

Payments are due as soon as possible. If you need to space out your payments, we totally understand! Just get your payment in full for each segment to us at least one week before the pickups for that segment begin. 

Reserve your spot online even if you are not going to send your payment right away. We have the online CSA store keeping track of how many spots are open for each share and each summer share pick up day. We want tp make sure renewing members secure their spots! 

Thank you all for your support! And for being so cool and flexible about working with seasonal produce! It is a joy to grow for such an appreciative crowd!

With thoughts of sunshine and bountiful produce on a snowy winter's day,

Christy, Chris, and Graham Kantlehner, farm family at White Barn Farm

P.S. If the Farmer Selected CSA Share is not for you: You can still support the farm and commit to buying fresh, healthy produce by purchasing a CSA Card. You get a 10% bonus if we receive your payment by April 1st! Read more under the CSA menu on our website.

P.P.S. Sorry for the redundancy of this message. Just want to make sure renewing members have the chance to chime in before we start marketing openings in the CSA.


Posted 1/16/2018 2:48pm by Christy and Chris Kantlehner.


The spinach has persevered and we plan to pick on Thursday, as long as it is sunny as predicted. Get your order in now for a whole gamut of produce and provisions for pick up at the barn this Friday! Email Jordan Brothers* your seafood pre-order, too! Pick up your White Barn order anytime 12-6. Jordan Brothers is there 2pm to 6pm.

Oh, and you guessed it, since this reminder is sooo late we are extending the ordering deadline once again to Friday at 7am!

We have some new producers on the virtual market this week: Elmhurst Farm is supplying lots of new and different cuts of beef from their small family farm in Norfolk. (Interesting note: their cows get spent grains from Trillium Brewery as part of their feeding program!) Beef bones for broth are available for any of you new-age/old-school healing experts out there! and lovers of delicious soups, of course!

Our favorite farmer from Dover just dropped off big orange sweet potatoes, a couple boxes each of red and green cabbage, And! a box of Butternut Squash. It is hard to resist the familiar!! Plus Butternut actually becomes sweeter in storage and, as mentioned above, we are in the height of soup season. Knock out those sniffles and coughs! How about some cayenne to add to the mix? Our whole dried peppers can be sliced thinly just a little section at a time, or go Thai style with a mortar and pestle and make the whole thing into a curry paste along with some garlic, salt, and magical special ingredients (lemongrass? ginger? dried shrimp? fish sauce? someone help me here!)

Decisions have been made and dates have been set regarding . . . . 

CSA 2018!

No more pesky wax boxes, accompanied by boring videos about how to open and break them down sent by the farmer, and, oh, the stress of bringing it back each week. (we will not miss paying for those non-recyclable wax coated budget-suckers either!)

But! We realize we have a dedicated faction who like having a pre-determined share to cook with each week. So - the farmers will dictate what goes in the share via signs indicating CSA items at the farmstand. You just bring your grocery bags and pack all of the items right off of the shelves at the stand. Double check the list before you head out and you're done!

CSA Shares will be split into three seasons:

Spring is 5 weeks, $100, 5/11-6/8, Fridays

Summer is 20 weeks, $400, 6/12-10/25, choose Tue, Wed, or Thurs

Fall is 4 biweekly pick-ups over 8 weeks, $160, 11/2-12/14, Fridays

We are having so much fun with the online marketplace that we decided you can "purchase" your share online. Sign-ups will be first-come, first-serve and the online store will monitor how many spots remain for each slot and generate a list of members as well. Perfecto! There is a point when you're checking out that you are asked to choose a pickup location - just choose "CSA Sign-Up." Complete your order by sending your check to the farm.

Or . . . 

For those who prefer free choice, sign up for the CSA Card!

We are foolish lunatics that add 10% to your card! We are tightening up the game, however, and are only offering this deal only until, appropriately, April Fool's Day, April 1st, this year. (Previously it was until May 1st).

After April 1st, we add 5% to cards purchased or reloaded for $200 or more. You can buy anything we sell at the farmstand except seafood from Jordan Brothers and plants during Saturday of our Annual Plant Sale. Your card doesn't expire even though we would love you to spend your whole card the same season it was purchased. Payment for CSA Cards by cash or check only, please!

*Jordan Brothers email:

Here's today's list:

Sea Scallops??   1/2lb   11.00  
Atlantic Salmon   8/9oz   9.00   
Haddock fillet   13/14oz   15.00
Pollock fillet   14/15oz   10.00  
Hake fillet   10/12oz   10.00  
Monkfish fillet   10/12oz   12.00
Cooked Shrimp   1/2lb   10.00  
Native Crabmeat   1/2lb   17.00  
Stuffed Clams   5oz   2.00ea
Live Lobsters   1.25lb ea   17.00ea  
Fresh Lobster Meat   1/2lb   34.00  
Frozen Lobster Meat   2lb bag    70.00
PEI Mussels   2lb   6.00  
Littleneck Clams???   1doz   7.00  
Oysters???   1/2doz   7.00
Clam Chowder?   20oz   7.00  
Lobster Bisque   20oz   7.00  
Shrimp & Corn Chowder   20oz   7.00
Crab Bisque   20oz   7.00  
Frozen Minced Clams   1lb   6.00
Product availability and pricing subject to change
Shellfish not available in Boston
Please order by 5:00AM the day of the venue
Posted 1/9/2018 1:31pm by christy kantlehner.

Howdy hearty farmstand folk!

We survived the blizzard and frigid temperatures last week, and the upcoming weather feels like a heat wave of sorts.  Our greenhouses are all still standing and and your roots are tucked away nicely in the the root cellar.  Christy and Graham made it back from Texas safe and sound. 

Thank you you all for supporting us last week and bearing the brutal cold temperatures to come and pick up your prepacked produce and provisions box.  We had 28 familiar faces swing through the barn last week.  Let's keep that number rising each week!  With long days in the office scheming up next years plan for white barn farm, seeing all our neighbors weekly keeps us motivated and gives us a little break from the screens.  Our little farm only works with support from you all, please spread the word about this new winter venture.  We really enjoyed packing your orders!

Here is the link for this week's virtual market happenings:

Virtual winter market

We have added some new items this week.  Keep a look out for apples, cheeses, tortillas, micro greens, yogurt, and more grassfed meat.  we will do our best to make this a well rounded shopping experience of good local food with a major emphasis on ORGANIC.  This is still a work in progress, more pictures should be added soon, more producers as well.  Thank you for all your patience while we work out the kinks. 

*Due to late notice we are extending the ordering period until Friday at 7am this week (again)

*Pay at the farmstand by cash, check, credit card, or CSA card

*Bring Your Shopping Bags or a box to take home your order in!

*Pick up in the Right Side of the Barn Friday, Jan. 12th, 12-6.

See you all Friday 12 - 6. Jordan Brothers Seafood will be there 2 - 6! (see below)

Chris, Christy, Graham


You can now reload your Farmstand CSA cards! Fill out the online form, then pay by cash or check (only). You can mail your payment or save a stamp and bring your check to the barn on Friday. 

Make sure to fill out the form so we know whether you need a card or not and if so, where to mail it! Click to sign up for your CSA Farmstand Card


Have you been missing Jordan Brothers seafood?  they will be coming to the farm on fridays from 2-6.  They can take pre-orders, too! Just send an email and they can give you the availability list for the week.

Pre-orders are helpful and encouraged! Email:

Here is the list on this week's email:

Sea Scallops???   1/2lb   11.00???  
Atlantic Salmon   8/9oz   9.00  
Haddock fillet   13/14oz   16.00
 Pollock fillet   14/15oz   10.00  
Hake fillet   10/12oz   10.00  
Monkfish fillet   10/12oz   12.00
Cooked Shrimp   1/2lb   10.00  
Native Crabmeat   1/2lb   17.00  
Stuffed Clams   5oz   2.00ea
Live Lobsters   1.25lb ea   17.00ea  
Fresh Lobster Meat   1/2lb   34.00  
Frozen Lobster Meat   2lb bag   70.00
PEI Mussels   2lb   6.00  
Littleneck Clams   1doz   7.00  
Oysters   1/2doz   7.00  
Clam Chowder   20oz   7.00  
Shrimp & Corn Chowder   20oz   7.00  
Lobster Bisque   20oz   7.00
Crab Bisque   20oz   7.00  
Frozen Minced Clams   1lb   6.00  
Product availability and pricing subject to change
Shellfish not available in Boston
Please order by 5:00AM the on friday.
you can email them at


Posted 1/2/2018 4:08pm by Christy and Chris Kantlehner.

Happy New Year!

We hope you all had a wonderful winter break, or at the very least a couple of leisurely Mondays! What a spell of freezing weather! We are ready to throw a tropical picnic if we see low 20s in the 10day forecast!

We have had a wonderful influx of friends and family visiting and have been nearly nonstop hosting friends, houseguests, parties, and showing friends our favorite spots out on the town. My mom is still here and we are going to try to get a quick ice skate in before our faces turn to ice as soon as I hit send on this email.

We are debuting our Virtual Winter Market. The previous paragraph was partially to explain that we are putting it up in kind of a hurry. Therefore we expect for the user friendliness to only improve from here on out. We hope to add pictures and get the paypal system integrated so that we can accept payments by credit card right on the website. But wait! It is after the new year. Tomorrow is Wednesday. We need to pull this off by Friday. So order up!!! Get your orders in by 7am this Friday and come to the farm to pick up Friday, January 5th, 12pm to 6pm.

Chris is going to be on his own, putting together your orders and receiving you when you arrive. Park at the barn and come into the right side of the barn (where our winter farmstand has been). You can pay for your order upon pickup by cash, check, credit card, or Farmstand CSA Card.

Graham and I are leaving early Thursday to be at my maternal grandmother's memorial service in Texas. Although a sober occasion, we are looking forward to seeing Grandpa Wright, my mom, both my brothers, all of my aunts and uncles on that side and nearly all of my first cousins. In a strange coincidence, on the very day of Grandma Wright's memorial, my paternal grandmother (matriarch here at White Barn Farm), will be celebrating her 96th birthday January 5th. Can you imagine all of the changes and developments Grammie has seen since her birthday, January 5, 1922?

In the spirit of appreciating family time, I'm signing off. Next update will remind you to reload your Farmstand CSA card!

Find the Virtual Winter Market link under the Farmstand menu of our website. or just click the hyperlink above.

Join our Mailing List to get a weekly reminder to get your orders in.


Posted 12/21/2017 9:56am by Christy and Chris Kantlehner.
Happy Winter Solstice! Now winter is here for real! And the days will grow slightly longer each day from here on out. Enjoy some cozy times during the longest night tonight. And now the news:
Farmstand Finale!
Friday, December 22nd: 10am to 6pm
Saturday, December 23rd: 10am to 4pm
Seafood Truck: Friday 2-6, Saturday 10-2
  • Stock your refrigerator with carrots, beets, celery root, and winter radishes.
  • Fill a basket in your kitchen with onions and shallots.
  • Store away sweet potatoes and winter squash in a warm, dry place.

Notice those imperatives! Your local farmers can be so bossy sometimes!

The weather warmed enough this week so that Chris and Mike could get the bike-powered barrel washer going and clean all those potatoes! So the certified organic potatoes from Sparrow Arc Farm should be distinct, beautiful colors this week! White, Gold, Blue, and Red. Magic Molly fingerlings are purple-through-and-through and Russian Banana fingerlings are golden delights!

Fresh greens this week are spinach and pea tendrils. Round out your salad with some thin ribbons of sugarloaf radicchio (the one that looks like an elongated iceberg lettuce), shredded carrots and watermelon radish, dried cranberries, and maybe a nice goat cheese, feta, or crumbled blue cheese. Toasted pecans or walnuts really complete a winter salad - just stay nearby so they don't over toast! Your nose will tell you when they are golden brown and perfect.

Obligatory plug for White Barn Farm gift cards. We are at the farm today (Thursday) if you want to get one for a teacher for the last day of school or someone at work the last day before the holiday break. Give a call if you want to come purchase a last minute gift card. 774-210-0359. We can do any amount $10 or more. For $25 or more we will give you a free White Barn Farm pint glass to present it in! Voila!








The cheese fridge will be stocked - except Narragansett Creamery could not fill the cheddar order (sorry to our faithful cheddar fan!). Pat's Pastured brought a fresh delivery of eggs and the freezer is restocked with pastured pork (including chops, Canadian bacon and sweet Italian sausage) and chicken and grass-fed beef.

Sheldonville Roasters fabulous coffee beans are here and make a really nice locally made gift. And speaking of gifts - the Franklin Honey soaps are lovely! Grab a few to supply you with last-minute gifts. Lauren even put together a gift bag with two soaps and a little jar of honey for $18. So sweet!

Speaking of sweetness, Harms Family Farm Massachusetts Maple Syrup offers a syrup experience far, far beyond the plastic squeeze bottle. Grab a big boy, store it in the fridge, and enjoy a steady supply of maple syrup for a winter-long waffle and pancake fest! Don't overlook opportunities to include maple in craft cocktails, salad dressings, candied nuts, marinades, and maple-glazed anything. It's a delicious treat on vanilla ice cream, stirred into plain whole-milk yogurt, perhaps even on a snow cone! Maple is a truly regional specialty and makes a generous gift. Don't miss the pretty glass bottle half-pints that would easily slip into a stocking!

* * * * * Where do we go from here?? * * * * *

We've definitely hear this sentiment expressed - what am I going to do when you are closed? buy vegetables at the grocery store?

We did spread a rumor that we may do a Winter Farmer's Market down the street, but alas, we've decided to change our approach. We are going to set up an Online Winter Market, pull out only what has been ordered and put it together for you to pick up on Fridays at the barn. Winter produce is awfully heavy and we really can't justify beating up our backs hauling around veggies that may not even sell. Especially on a day that we could be spending time with our son. Stay tuned for details about this online ordering system. We are taking a break to spend time with all of the family and friends coming home for the holidays. It is sure to be a whirlwind of festivities, but expect us to be back in touch just after the new year.

We've decided we can accept Farmstand CSA Card purchases/reloads before the New Year. We add a 10% bonus to cards loaded with $200 or more. Yes! Before January 1st, even though we told you otherwise! Payment must be by cash or check (no credit cards). You can bring your check to the farmstand this Friday or Saturday or mail it to the farm. If you already have a card we can reload it remotely. Click here for more details and a link to the sign-up form.



Posted 12/15/2017 12:31pm by Christy and Chris Kantlehner.

Hey everybody! Sorry for not getting this reminder out sooner - we have been caught up all week with the bi-annual New England Vegetable and Fruit Growers Conference in Manchester, NH. These meetings are such a source of inspiration, ideas, innovations, exchanges, and socializing with farming community members that have spread out all over New England. These meetings provide better understanding of how to prevent disease, avoid insects, build soil and derive fertility from cover cropping. Fabulous vegetable varieties are discussed, marketing, business management, grafting, high tunnel management, microgreens production etcetera!!! So our minds have been full!!!

This weekend (12/15 - 12/17):
Friday 10-6, Sat & Sun 10-4
Seafood Truck is here Friday 2-6, Saturday 10-2.
**No seafood on Sunday this weekend or next!**
Next weekend (12/22 & 12/23). same hours, but closed Sunday.

We still have some fresh greens for you to enjoy:



sugarloaf (white radicchio)

pea tendrils

baby kale

plus winter darlings:

watermelon radish - bright pink confetti to jazz up your bitter greens salad!

leeks - excellent for cheesy pastas and essential for winter soups!

rutabaga - roasted or mashed. sometimes called a yellow turnip

celery root - try it in a chicken soup, beef stew, medley or roasted roots, mashed with potato

beets - traditional beet red, golden, and chioggia (candy-striped inside, usually fading to pink when cooked)

carrots - 2lb bags are $4 this week

Upswing Farm has still got us stocked up with sweet potatoes, winter squash, and bunches of kale this week.

Sparrow Arc Farm delivered a whole new round of organic potatoes. It's been too cold to wash them so you will have to hose 'em down in your sink.

Lots of Hot Italian Sausage to fry up with some garlic and onions, kale, and white beans. 

Pat's Pastured just dropped off plenty of eggs for the weekend. Plus pork chops for the two customers who were asking earlier today :\

Lots of fresh-roasted coffee beans arrived this week from Sheldonville Roasters!

Holiday centerpieces made with fresh evergreens are available. We even have a few Christmas trees left for anyone who has been waiting to decorate.

Hope to see you this weekend! Don't forget to bundle up!

Your frigid farmers (only in the most literal way), Christy and Chris

Posted 12/15/2017 11:57am by Christy and Chris Kantlehner.

Today is your last Winter CSA Pick-up from 2pm to 6pm in the barn. It is really frigid so we have the garage door closed, a tarp up to try to make a closed room and space heaters running. You will have to enter through the farmstand today and go through a funny little passage way to get to the pick-up zone. The temperature is supposed to be below freezing all day today so we are afraid the produce will freeze if we leave the door open!

Wear some gloves you don't mind getting dirty if you can!

AND thank you all so much for being part of our CSA program! Happy Solstice to you all next week!

The farmstand is open next Friday and Saturday and then we will disappear for a little bit. We will let you know as soon as we are coming back with storage veggies and winter salad greens.

This week's share includes:

2 lbs yellow onions

2 lbs of carrots Our yummy storage carrot variety, Bolero

1 head of sugarloaf - this is a white radicchio. it has the look and texture of iceberg lettuce, but it is a bitter green. I like to cut it into thin ribbons, add shredded carrot and radish, and finish with blue cheese and dried cranberries. This is your salad base this week. Don't be frightened by the word bitter. Add a pinch of salt and olive oil, crunch, crunch. your body will thank you! I looove sugarloaf! how amazing is it to have a local salad when the high is 30 degrees today?

2 lbs of white sweet potatoes - one way to do itpeel, rinse if necessary, pat dry, cut into thick french fry shaped sticks, toss with olive oil and salt on a baking sheet, spread the pieces out so they aren't touching for the crispiest edges, roast in a hot oven (i'd say anywhere from 350 to 425 is fine) flip the pieces over halfway through cooking (after 12 minutes?). take out when fork tender and golden brown where they were on the pan. add fresh herbs or more dry seasonings if you want. enjoy! You can also scrub the skins and skip the peeling and chopping up  for the finger sized ones.

5lbs total - mix'n'match - (you choose the proportions): rutabaga, gilfeather turnip, kohlrabi, celery root

1.5 lbs mix'n'match winter radishes - Daikon and/or Watermelon Radish

1 lb of leeks - this vegetable is a true winter veggie! You use the white and very light green parts. the dark green tops add tons of flavor to a stock, but otherwise can be composted. i made a simple potato-leek soup that came out great the other night. while i was roasting salmon and carrots and turnips for that night's dinner, i got the soup started in the pressure cooker. First I sauteed cut up leeks, yellow onions, a fennel bulb (the last one i had!), some celery root in a generous portion of butter, mixed with a little olive oil. Then i threw in an array of peeled, cubed potatoes (the wayward ones that are bruised or damaged and I take home), covered it all with 2 quarts of chris' turkey stock he made after Thanksgiving, crumbled a dry sage leaf - and closed the pressure cooker. It hissed away while we had salmon for dinner. I used the immersion blender to make a smooth puree, tasting and adjusting with salt, white pepper, tabasco, worcestershire, and a little lemon juice until i felt it was delicious. Graham asked for a bowl and ate the whole thing! I was in happy, happy, proud farming mom shock!

winter squash - Carnival or Delicata. Cut in half, scrape out the seeds, and bake. Each half can be served whole or cut in half and put right on the plate! These both have edible skins if you want to make half moon shapes or dice cubes, etc. 

pea tendrils - the green green of the week. spring flavor in a sprout! enjoy these mixed into a salad, chopped and added to a sandwich, or to accompany an omelet or spaghetti carbonara. kids sometimes like to just snack on them!