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Boxed CSA Details

four seasons of vegetable bliss

 ***Boxed CSA 2017 ***

Sign up for one, two, three, or all four seasons!

Complete and submit the Boxed CSA Sign Up Form online. We will email you an invoice which you can pay upon receipt by mailing us a check.

Spring Share:  5 weeks:   5/23/17 - 6/20/17   $100

  • Boxed, heavy on the greens, around $20 value/share
  • Pick up Tuesdays: 2pm - 6pm at White Barn Farmstand
  • Payment due by 5/1

Summer Share:  10 weeks:   6/27/17 - 8/29/17    $200 (minimum) 

  • Farmstand CSA Card only (no boxed shares). Just come each week and spend $20 on whatever you want. We will put up a chalkboard each week with a "suggested summer share" with a value of $20 each week for those of you who'd like a nudge of inspiration.
  • Load your card with a minimum of $200 to qualify for the "Four Season Bundle" deal
  • Whatever amount ($200 minimum) you pay before May 1st, we put a 10% bonus on your card.
  • For example, if you pay us $200, we put $220 on your card. (Same rules as ever for the Farmstand CSA program.)
  • To get your card, fill out the online form, mail us your check (with the same name from the online form on there somewhere), we will load the card and mail it to you. Make checks payable to White Barn Farm. Mail to: P.O. Box 207, Wrentham, MA 02093.

Fall Share:  6 weeks:     9/5/17 - 10/10/17      $120

  • Boxed, heavy on the roots, around $20 value/share
  • Pick up Tuesdays: 2pm to 6pm at White Barn Farmstand
  • Payment due by 8/1

Winter Share: 5 biweekly pick-ups over the course of ten weeks: $200

  • Pick up Fridays: 2pm to 6pm at White Barn Farmstand in the Barn
  • 10/20, 11/3, 11/17, 12/1, 12/15
  • Pack your own share, following the instructions given on signs in front of each item. (ex. "take 2 lbs of onions"  or "choose one cabbage - Napa, Red, Green, Gnome or Savoy")
  • Each share is meant to provide two weeks of veggies so the value of each box is around $40
  • Payment due by 10/1

Four Season Bundle - Sign up for all and Save! -  $578 

  • Sign up for all four by May 1st and pay $578 (assuming a $200 Summer Farmstand CSA card). Compare to purchasing each share a la carte: $620. This is a savings of 10%!
  • Please note that you can absolutely add more than $200 to your Farmstand CSA card. As long as you join all four, you get a discount of 10% on the Spring, Fall, and Winter Shares (a total of $378 before the amount you put on your card)
  • Fill out the online Boxed CSA Sign Up Form and we will email you an invoice for the Spring, Fall and Winter: $378, which takes into account the Bundle Discount.
  • You are responsible for filling out the Farmstand CSA Sign-up Form and sending in payment for the Summer Farmstand CSA card on your own. You won't be invoiced for this portion, just send your payment right in.

General info about the Boxed CSA:

The Boxed CSA is distributed on Tuesdays for the Spring and Fall CSA program and Fridays for Winter CSA.

Where do I pick up my share? What do I have to do?

  • You will pick-up your boxed share on Tuesdays at the farmstand 2 pm - 6 pm for Spring and Fall. We usually pack all the boxes into our van and park it behind the farmstand. During the Winter Share, pick up is on Fridays from 2pm - 6pm at the barn during Farmstand in the Barn.
  • "Sign in" by dropping the clothespin w/ your name on it in the basket, take a look at the chalkboard list describing the contents of the box, take a look the display share.
  • Be sure to follow instructions to take any item that was not packed into the boxes for whatever reason (maybe a sunflower or a big tall green garlic).
  • Some people photograph the display share and chalkboard so they can figure out what's what once they get home. 

What other products are available when I come to get my share?

  • The farmstand is open during your pickup hours so you can buy eggs, honey, coffee beans, Iggy's bread, frozen meat, maple syrup, more veggies, etc.
  • Jordan Brothers Seafood truck is also at the farmstand with fresh seafood during your pickup time: Tuesdays 2pm - 6pm, June thru October. Fridays 2pm -  6pm, June thru December. (in May they come Sat 10-2, Nov & Dec they come Fri 2-6, Sat & Sun 10 -2)

What about the box?

  • Each week you return last week's box and take your new one.
  • If you'd rather not be bothered with remembering your box, you can immediately pack your share into grocery bags that you bring with you.
  • The waxed boxes are expensive and not recyclable like regular cardboard so please do not flatten your box until you know how.  If you are not sure, ASK! We can easily demo the proper technique so the boxes can be reused as much as possible! If you can't figure out how to break it down without ripping it and don't have time for a lesson - just leave it. We can break it down. Let's not unnecessarily throw things to the imaginary "away" 

What's in a share? How much food is it?

  • We will decide what goes in your share for the week and pack you a box that can be quickly and conveniently toted away. The value of the share will be around $20/week for Spring and Fall. $40 biweekly for Winter. We aim to provide a well-rounded share and provide an email describing the vegetables and some recipe suggestions.
  • The box should be enough to supply the produce needs of a family of four or a couple of vegetarians who are flexible and enjoy cooking. We assume you are still going to the store and can pick up a lemon, some olive oil, grains, legumes, meats, and any veggies crucial to a recipe and not found in that week's share. 

Your commitment:

  • Part of the CSA model is that members share in the abundances and setbacks experienced by the farmers.  This means accepting that there may be more variety later in the season than in the first week of June and that some seasons are better for growing certain crops than others.  As your farmers, we will do our best to grow enough diversity to offset any perceived losses.

What if I am away?

  • If you can't make it to a pick-up, you may send a friend or neighbor to pick up for you. Just have them throw your clothespin in the basket and tell them to make sure to read all of the chalkboards in case they are supposed to take something in addition to the box. 

What if I forget to pick up or I'm going to be late?

  • If you are just going to be late, you can try to get in touch with the farmers and they can ask the farmstand person to leave your box on the sign-in table after closing time. This is not guaranteed unless you actually reach someone at the farm and get a confirmation.
  • We usually save all forgotten/leftover shares in the cooler so they can be picked up on Wednesday during regular farmstand hours (10am to 6pm). Wednesday evening we usually end up donating these shares to the Plainville Food Pantry, who come by the farm Wednesdays around 5:30pm. Unless you've made special arrangements with us, your share will be donated or given to farm crew or family at this time. We do not vouch for the quality of the produce after Tuesday at 6pm. 
  • Please text or email us if you missed pick up and plan to get it on Wednesday.
  • Christy: 774-210-0359 or Chris: 860-395-7677 - include your name in the text
  • email: