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Farmstand CSA vs. Boxed CSA

there are a few ways to be part of Community Supported Agriculture at White Barn Farm!

Please note we have made some changes to our CSA program for 2017:

  • As we have for several years, we offer the Farmstand CSA Card in which you prepay a set balance (to which we add a bonus %) and then you have a little "credit card" to spend on White Barn produce (actually everything we sell at the farmstand) anytime the farmstand is open.
  • Go to Farmstand CSA Details for sign up links and FAQ's.

Farmstand CSA Card


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  • The Boxed CSA scheme is a little different this year. We are offering four different segments, extending over a longer season. The size of each share will be smaller, with the value hovering around $20 per week, rather than $28 as in years past. 
  • We will distribute boxed shares during the Spring & Fall. Members will pack their own shares during the Winter.
  • We will not be packing any boxes during the Summer CSA period. During that time, you can choose to have a Farmstand CSA Card to come spend at the farmstand on whatever you choose.
  • We are trying this approach for three main reasons: Many people have irregular schedules with summer vacation and may appreciate the flexibility. There is a ton of harvest, planting, weeding and seeding work to be done during the summer - eliminating packing boxes should free up some labor. The summer shares are not terribly diverse anyway.
  • If you liked the no thinking or  decision-making aspect of the boxed share, we will still put up a $20 "Suggested Summer Share" that can be selected out of the farmstand's offerings that week, but it will just be a chalkboard to offer guidance. You can actually spend your "summer allowance" whenever you want on whatever you like.
  • Go to the Boxed CSA Details page for details about dates, pricing, sign-ups and deadlines for 2017. 
  • Once you submit your form online, we will email you an invoice, you mail us your check, and we will confirm your membership once your payment is processed. (Our lovely office assistant, Erina, only works a couple times a week, so be patient!)

CSA Member picking up her share