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How Our CSA Works

the dirt.

We are offering two options for 2016: the Boxed CSA OR the Farmstand CSA in which you prepay a set balance and have a debit card to spend on White Barn produce anytime the farmstand is open.

We currently have a  Waiting List for the Boxed CSA

Farmstand CSA debit cards are available to all . . . 

 *The Farmstand CSA debit cards can be purchased at three different levels, and we will add 10% value to all cards paid for by May 1st.

 Snap Pea. $200 (your card will be issued for $220)

Carrot. $300 (your card will be issued for $330) 

 Tomato. $400 (your card will be issued for $440)

 Watermelon. $600 (your card will be issued for $660)


  • You have complete choice and flexibility this way: you get the veggies you love when you want them. You can purchase anything at the farmstand (including bread, honey, eggs, etc.). The exceptions are: Your card may not be used for seafood and your  card cannot be used for plants the weekend of the Plant Sale.
  • You are committing to eating healthy, locally grown vegetables, and supporting the farm so that we are able to buy seeds and supplies early on. 
  • You are in effect getting a 10% return on your investment, which is hard to find nowadays. 
  • This year's purchase is intended to be spent during the 2016 growing season. We expect the farmstand to be open from early May to late December, about 34 weeks. Any remaining value will stay on your card, so there is no risk of losing your investment.
  • You may purchase a Farmstand CSA share after May 1st for a 5% added value. Your Farmstand CSA debit card may also be reloaded (at the levels above) after May 1st with 5% added value.  You can keep your card to reload for the next growing season (the 10% added value will begin again January 1st).  
  • This is a good choice for anyone who feels the boxed share may be too much for their household, someone who would miss a few pick-ups every summer, or a household of picky eaters.


*The Boxed CSA will be on Tuesday only. 65 Shares will be offered for the 2016 Growing Season.


  • The Boxed CSA begins in late May/early June and runs until late October, for a total of 22 weeks. 
  • You will pick-up your boxed share on Tuesdays at the farmstand 2 pm - 6 pm. 
  • The cost is $625. We aim to provide a value of $25-35 with each share.  By the end of the year, the total value of the share is usually around $725
  • We will decide what goes in your share for the week and pack you a box that can be quickly and conveniently toted away.
  • This option should be enough for a family of four or a couple of vegetarians, who are flexible and enjoy cooking. 
  • Part of the CSA model is sharing the abundances and setbacks with the farmers.  This means accepting that there may be more to offer at the height of the summer than in the first week of June and that some years are better for growing tomatoes than others.  As growers, we will do our best to grow enough diversity to offset any perceived losses.