The mission of White Barn Farm is to preserve open space and this historic family property by growing food in a beautiful living landscape that will inspire feasting in celebration of natural beauty and our local economy.  White Barn Farm aims to make Wrentham a funner and tastier place to live.


Environmental Stewardship.  We will strive each year to not only maintain, but also improve soil, water, and air quality at our farm.  Building healthy soil that supports healthy crops is at the core of our farming mission. Our farming practices will promote biodiversity - from soil biota to wild turkeys to myriad wasps to vegetable varieties.  We also aim to minimize our energy and water use and work toward using renewable sources of energy to power our farm.

Social Consciousness.  We aim to create a sustainable business that can support living wages and health benefits for employees.  We will do our best to be conscious consumers in the global economy and to support local businesses whenever possible. We will donate excess food to the Wrentham Food Pantry.

Community Building. We take pride in showing kids how food grows. We want our produce to teach the locals how to eat with the seasons. We hope to inspire culinary masterpieces in nearby restaurants and homes. We want to preserve agriculture in the heart of suburbia and by doing so encourage other aspiring farmers. We want White Barn Farm to be a hub of progressive people who like to treat eachother and our environment well and have a good time while they're at it.