Office Assistant

OFFICE ASSISTANT - this position has been filled for 2018

White Barn Farm is seeking an extremely trustworthy and responsible person to assist with office tasks that make the farm run.The position is quite flexible, but requires two visits to the farm per week, preferably Monday and Thursday. The time commitment should be about 6 hours per week.

Responsibilities include:


You will be responsible for counting, recording, and depositing cash and checks from the farmstand. You will also be asked to go the the “backoffice” part of our POS (point of sale) system, Shopkeep, online, and record the payments taken in the form of credit cards and our Farmstand CSA cards. At that time you can compare the cash/checks actually received with that recorded on the POS system, alerting the farm owners if there is a major discrepancy.  You will maintain a supply of $1’s, $5’s, and $10’s for backup change. Our bank is Wrentham Co-op bank, located in the center of town just a few minutes drive from the farm.


We will ask you to make a trip to our post office box at least once a week, mailing any office business as necessary. The post office is on the way to the bank a short drive away from the farm.


There will be routine bills that can be scheduled to be paid from our bank account online.

  • INVOICE and RECEIVE PAYMENTS from Restaurant Accounts

Once a week, we deliver produce to restaurants in Providence. You will be asked to create the invoices using our Quickbooks online account, and send them via email. When a check comes in, you will be asked to “receive payment” and make a “bank deposit” in Quickbooks.

  • PAYROLL    

 We have a binder that employees record their hours in. On Monday or Tuesday, we ask you to tally everyone’s hours for the previous week (Monday – Sunday). It is helpful if you are willing to text employees who did not fill out their timesheet. The hours are sent via email to our payroll service at Kenney & MacDonald (also our accountant). Maureen at K&M will reply with a summary and paystubs for each individual. We ask all of our employees to do direct deposit, so normally all you have to do is print out the paystubs and place them in each person’s folder in the binder on Thursday or Friday. Sometimes you have to write out a check and ask Christy to sign it (if the person does not have direct deposit).     You are in charge of making sure there are plenty of timesheets in the binder, printing more if necessary.     When a new employee joins the team, you will be asked to give them a W-4 and direct deposit form to fill out and then fax that to Maureen with their pay rate to get them set up on our payroll. When an employee is finished for the season, you will note that along with their last week’s hours in the “weekly hours” email to Maureen.


We offer two CSA programs at White Barn Farm: the very flexible Farmstand CSA Card and then three seasons of CSA shares. We ask that our customers pay by cash or check and you will be in charge of receiving and recording payments and sending customers an email confirming receipt of their payment.  For both, we have a spreadsheet on Google Docs to record payments.     For the CSA cards, we have an app on the ipad that we use as our “cash register” at the farmstand. The only way to add money to an existing card or issue a new card is to use this app. Since our farmstand is closed on Monday, that is the best day to deal w/ CSA card payments (since the ipad will be in the office). Other days of the week, you will just have to go to the farmstand to use the ipad.  Customers fill out an online form on our website to sign up for a CSA card. You login to our website and “view responses” to find a customer’s email, whether or not they already have a card, and their address (if they did not have a card and you need to mail it to them).     For the shares, customers reserve their spot by “purchasing” their share/s on the CSA Sign-Up online store part of our website. You can login to our website as an administrator and view the orders in the CSA Sign-Up Department. There you will find a record of which shares the customer signed up for and their contact info (including the email address to send the confirmation to).


Leading up to the plant sale, we will have lots of tags to print on our special tag printer. You will be in charge of printing the tags for the list brought in by the greenhouse crew. There is software on our PC in the office with an existing template, you will be asked to print the labels with the correct price, spelling of crop varieties, etc. Then you will separate and bundle the printed tags for the greenhouse crew to bring back out to the plants.

It is essential that you stay in good communication with Farmer Christy who may appear to be running around like a mad woman, but needs to be stopped!Just ask about anything unclear. Be in communication if the bank account seems low, cash from the farmstand seems to be missing, a piece of mail or an email requires farmer attention, etc. Just ask! You must feel comfortable texting or calling when you are unsure of how to proceed.

Also, we share our office with the personal residence of Christy’s grandmother, Mary Alice and all of the accompanying aunts and uncles, cousins, home health aids, etc. You must be conscientious about speaking slowly and clearly if Grammie pops in, reminding her your name.  You will be asked to lock the office if you are the last one out. Obviously, we are trusting you with a great deal of responsibility.

  • Several positive personal and work references are required.


  • $12/hr plus a weekly CSA share or equivalent in farm veggies.