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Boxed CSA Details

all of your burning questions answered

The Boxed CSA is currently available for renewing members of the 2015 CSA or members of the Waiting List who have received an email about an opening for them. Click here to be added to the Waiting List

  • How do I break down my CSA box?

Please return your waxed box to the pick-up site each week. There will be a place for them right beside the sign-in area. In order that we can reuse the box, please don't rip any of the flaps trying to flatten it. Watch this charmingly boring video for instructions on unfolding your box without destroying it. If you forget to return your box one week, just bring it the next time! You may also bring grocery bags to pick-up and unload your box right there so you don't have to worry about remembering a box.

  • When is the first pick up day?
You will be notified by email one week before the first pick-up.  We expect this to be late May or early June.
  • What if I cannot make it to a pick-up day?
You are more than welcome to send a friend or family member in your place.
Please remind them to follow proper pick-up etiquette and sign in.  
  •  What if I forget to pick-up my boxed share?
Send us an email or text letting us know, and we will have it for you the next day at the farmstand. Just tell the person working at the farmstand your name and they'll get it for you. Otherwise, we donate forgotten shares to family, crew, and the Wrentham Food Pantry.  If you are just going to be arriving late (after 6pm) just call and ask us to leave your share out on the sign-in table for you to grab after hours.
  • Can I get half of a share or split my share?

We have decided not to complicate our distribution system by offering half shares.  You can find someone who wants to split your share with you, but we ask that you deal with the logistics at your own site, and remind you that our shares are not designed to be split (you may need to actually use a knife to divide a cabbage, for example). One simple way to split a share is to alternate pick-up weeks, but beware certain items appear only once.