Pick Your Own

Produce and flowers offered for pick your own.

We're excited to offer a variety of pick your own crops during the summer of 2017! Keep checking back as more become available. We've got plenty of gorgeous flowers and we're hoping to have green beans, cherry tomatoes, and more! 


Pick Your Own Flowers

The fields are filled with flowers! Just to the side of the farmstand you'll see a variety of different blooms ready for cutting. Check out the helpful sign for tips and best practices (the one above) just as you enter the rows and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

  • Fill a wide mouth quart size mason jar with blooms for $10.
  • There is a $2 deposit for a mason jar (or you can just avoid it by bringing your own.)
  • Sunflowers are $1.50 per stem or 10/$10. 
  • We will stock quart size mason jars with fresh water in the cooler at the farmstand.
  • There will be subpar scissors available to borrow but for best results bring your own sharp clippers!
  • PYO Flower Field Hours are the same as farmstand hours

Bring your whimsy and enjoy being surrounded by flowers! 

Pick-Your-Own Cherry Tomatoes

Grab a pint container at the farmstand and head over to the tomato plants to the right of the stand (next to the PYO flowers). Pick a pint of tomatoes for $3. The best part? The tomato plants keep secret tomato snacking while you're picking on the downlow. :) 

Stay tuned for more PYO offerings!