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To Roast and Peel Peppers

This is from The Art of Simple Food II by my hero, Alice Waters. We purchased this beautiful and well written collection of wonderful ideas, explanations, and basic transferrable techniques that will leave you equipped to improvise with the seasons at An Unlikely Story, the gorgeous new bookstore in Plainville. We already had the original The Art of Simple Food and are delighted with the latest work!

I quote:

Place the peppers, whole, on a hot grill, directly in the open flame of a gas stove, or under a hot broiler. Cook them, turning frequently, until all of their skin is blackened. As the peppers are done, put them in a paper bag or a pot with a lid. Close the bag or cover the pot and let them steam for a few minutes.

Take a pepper and cut off and discard the stem end. Slice it open lengthwise and spread it out flat. With the back of a small knife scrape away the seeds and veins.  Turn the pepper over and, still with the back of the knife, scrape away all the blackened skin. Wipe the board clean before continuing on to the next pepper. Cut and season as required.

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