Wash Station

White Barn Farm is seeking people to work and manage our wash station.   Here are some Jobs involving the wash stations


White Barn Farm is seeking two employees to work in the wash station for this upcoming growing season.  No experience necessary.  Must be motivated, efficient, positive and take direction well.  All our produce will go through the wash station and is an important part to the farm.


  • June-October (can be flexible)
  • Monday - Friday 9-12


  • Help with wash station tasks, washing, packing, bagging, cleaning, organizing
  • Also may have to Pick some produce i.e. cherry tomatoes, beans, herbs


  • Take direction well
  • Be on time and relaible
  • positive attitude
  • take pride in work
  • lift upto 50 lbs
  • work in elements
  • have fun


  • Hourly wage $10/hr
  • produce for yourself during the season



please send a resume, letter of interest and 2-3 references to Chris and Christy Kantlehner at info@whitebarnfarm.org

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Wash Station manager - this position has been filled for 2018

We are seeking a highly skilled, competent, organized worker to run our wash station.  The wash station is an important part to our farm.  Clean Produce sells and White Barn Farm prides itself in clean, fresh, bountiful harvest. 


  • This is a part time job
  • Month of May, thursday & Friday 8-12
  • Months June - October Monday - Friday 8-12


  • Washing- produce comes in dirty from the field.  Produce must be washed.  We have different system in place to wash all our produce, dunking, spraying, polishing etc...
  • Packing- Produce must go to different places on the farm Farmstand, coooler, restaurants, CSA.  It will be packed in different boxes and bags, must do this efficiant
  • Bagging- we have a large greens operation bagging greens to certain unit sizes is a must.
  • Cleaning-After every wash cycle the the wash station must be washed and organized in preparation for  the next day.  This includes harvest crates, buckets, wash tanks, floor, and coolers
  • Labeling- We have got a lot of produce and all being picked at different days.  Everything must be labeled with produce and date of harvest
  • Inventory- we use a lot of wax boxes, quarts, pints, bags, markers, tape, etc... Keep a organized inventory of these items as not to run out.
  • MANAGING THE WASH STATION crew- You will be in charge of two employees, you must be able manage these employees so that we are an efficient wash station team
  • Meet- weekly check in with CHRIS


The ideal employee for this position is someone who;

  • enjoys working outside, does not mind getting wet. You will be working outside throughout 3 season in new england. 
  • You must take pride in the quality of the produce. 
  • You can motivate yourself and fellow employees. 
  • Must be able to lift 50lbs. 
  • We are always looking for employees that have a positive attitude, strives for efficiency, and come to work on time.   
  • Also experience with managing people is not a must but helpful


  • Starting wage $12/hr
  • weekly vegetables throughout your employment


please send a resume, letter of interest and 2-3 references to Chris and Christy Kantlehner at info@whitebarnfarm.org